Initial Consultation

Required at the first appointment for all treatments (fertility consultations are separate) or if it has been over a year since you have had your last treatment with me.


20-45 mins

Reflexology Taster Appointment

Taster Session to find out what Reflexology is about.

£20 – 30 mins

£20 – 30 mins

Fertility and Conception Reflexology – Reproflexology

Coming Soon – ask for Details

Consultations – must have prior to commencement of any treatment.

Single consultation £90 1-2 hours

Joint/Couple Consultation £145 2-4 hours

Follow Up Reproflexology Treatments

£45 1 hour

Pregnancy and Postnatal Treatments

Foot Reflexology

£45 1 hour

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Full Body £60 1 hour

Full Body £45 45 mins

Targeted or mini massage £30 30 mins

Reflexology Techniques taught to birth companion to help their partner in labour


Newborn – Teenager (16 years and under)

Reflexology – up to an hour

£25-£45 (depending on how long the treatment is tolerated for. Contact me for more details

Menopause Reflexology

£45 1 hour

Holistic Treatments

Reflexology £45 1 hour


Full body

£45 1 Hour

Full Body

£38 45 mins

Targeted Specific

£32 30 mins

Kids Reflex Course for Parents/Carers – Contact me for details


1 Hour Treatment Appointments or 45 minute Pregnancy Massage Appointments.

4 treatments: £160

Course of 4 treatments for the ultimate reflexology experience.

6 treatments: £240

Course of 6 treatments for the ultimate reflexology experience.

Vitamin Therapy

Prices are per single IM injection – Requires a full consultation prior to any treatment being commenced. Consultation price as above.

B12 – £30

Course of 4 weekly treatments – £110.

Maintenance boosters every 4-6 weeks.

B- Complex (all 8 B Vitamins) – £60 every 3-4 weeks

Biotin – £40

Course of 8 weekly injections £290 and then monthly maintenance.

Vitamin C – £40. Every 4-6 weeks

Vitamin D – £50-£80 (D3-D2)

D2 – once every 3-6 months

D3 – Course of 6 weekly treatments £260. Maintenance once every 6 weeks

Kenalog – £50. If weigh over 9st 6lbs – may need a 2nd booster after 4 weeks of 1st treatment.

Glutathione – £50

Course of twice weekly treatments for 4 weeks – £350 and then maintenance once a month.

Bespoke Treatments/Packages

Treatments Tailor made for you. Can be a mixture of any of the treatments I offer in one treatment or regular treatment plans for a monthly fee which will vary depending on your own individual needs can also be set up. A full initial consultation would need to be carried out prior to any treatment plan being discussed or commenced.

Contact me for more details.

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