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Pathway to Wellbeing, one Reflexology session at a time

Welcome to the home of Natalie's Reflexology and Wellbeing, where holistic healthcare is highly valued, and my aim is to support you in achieving balance, relaxation, and vitality.

As a qualified reflexologist and registered midwife, I specialise in supporting women through every phase of their journey, from adolescence to motherhood and beyond.

I offer a variety of treatments that can be tailored to address your specific needs as you navigate the path to optimal health and wellness.

About Me

My name is Natalie and I am a registered midwife. I have successful complementary therapy clinics in two locations. I collaborate with two other midwives and manage The Midwives Circle and Wellness Centre.

I was inspired by reflexology through my work as a midwife. A few of the pregnant women I saw told me about how reflexology helped them through their fertility, pregnancy, birth and after they delivered. I had to find out more.

I was able to help my mother when she was diagnosed with cancer using reflexology techniques. There was an occasion where a nurse found it very difficult to get a blood sample but whilst treating my mother with reflexology this nurse managed to draw blood from my mother very easily – the first time ever. I also used reflexology techniques for end-of-life support for my mother which create peace and calm during those final hours.

My love for reflexology grew and I qualified as a reflexologist in 2019 and I continue to be amazed by this therapy.

Since qualifying I have pursued advanced training techniques that has enabled me to expand my knowledge that can be applied to the treatments that I offer



2019 – ABC Level 3 Reflexology Diploma (including healthy eating and business modules with the addition of lymphatic system techniques.

2020 - Maternity Reflexology

2020 - Qualified as a Reflexologist Instructor in the Children's Reflexology Programme.

2021 - Reflexology for Menopause

2021 - Advanced Module in Maternity Reflexology

2022 - Masterclass in Sciatica

2022 - Part One and Two Reproflexology (Fertility and assisted conception) with Seren Natural Fertility.

2023 - Masterclass in Plantar Fasciitis

2023 - Masterclass in Irritable Bowel Syndrome


2022 – FHT Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage.

2022 – Diploma in Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage.

2022 - Masterclass in Sciatica

2022 - Part One and Two Reproflexology (Fertility and assisted conception) with Seren Natural Fertility.

2023 - Masterclass in Plantar Fasciitis

2023 - Masterclass in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nutrition Support

2022 - Kenaolg-40 Injection

2022 - Vitamin Injections - B12, Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin, Vitamin D and Glutathione


2022 - Fat Dissolving Injections

2022 - Cavitation and Radio Frequency Face and Body.

2023 - Lumi Eyes Treatment.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing; reducing stress in people’s lives can be key in optimising good health and building resilience. It is a touch therapy that is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body and reflexologists work these points and areas.

However reflexology is viewed, there can be no doubt that what it does provide is a period of time for relaxation where the client has one to one attention and supportive touch in an empathetic listening environment. Reflexology can be used safely alongside standard healthcare to promote better health for their clients. (Association of Reflexologists, Introduction to Reflexology - AoR)

During your session with me you will expect to feel relaxed, have some self-care time in a peaceful, non-judgemental environment.



Reproductive Reflexology

Reproductive Reflexology (or Reproflexology™) can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility, or with all forms of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI. It can also be used to support individuals and couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF cycles.

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As a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (MARR) we are specially trained, using structured and prescriptive treatment protocols, to support couples through all phases of their assisted conception programme. (Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, Association of Reproductive Reflexologists - Using Reflexology for Fertility).

Please note that an initial consultation (either as a couple or single) is required prior to any treatment commencing. It is advised that follow up treatments are weekly.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology specifically on the feet is a non-invasive treatment that can help reduce stress, improve mood, aid sleep and promotes deep relaxation. Reducing stress can be a key element in optimising health and building resilience.

Maternity and Postnatal Reflexology

I have advance maternity reflexology training to help support those that are pregnant through their pregnancy and beyond. The techniques used aims to optimise the health and wellbeing during the differing stages of pregnancy and beyond and also by providing general lifestyle advice, can make this journey as pleasurable as possible for all.(

Menopause Reflexology

Menopause is a time for change and embracing this new stage of life. I have advanced training in Menopause Reflexology that can help with supporting you through the physical, emotional and mental experiences with this stage of life.

Massage and Pregnancy Massage

Holistic Massage treatments to give that full experience of relaxation. Available at differing lengths of times.

Vitamin Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of Vitamin therapy via IM injection. Can be a one off treatment or a course of treatments depending on the type of therapy required. Offering B12, B-Complex of all 8 B Vitamins, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Glutathione and Kenalog treatments. Full consultation required prior to any treatment being commenced.

Auricular Reflexology

Coming Soon in May 2024

Auricular Reflexology stems from Auricular Acupuncture and can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with foot reflexology. It is a quick, simple and beneficial treatment and may include ear seed placement which can help continue the treatment’s effectiveness.

"The First Wealth is Health"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Initial Consultation

Required at the first appointment for all treatments (fertility consultations are separate) or if it has been over a year since you have had your last treatment with me.


20-45 mins

Reflexology Mini Appointment

Shorter Session to find out what Reflexology is about.

£25 - 30 mins

Fertility and Conception Reflexology: (Reproflexology™)

Consultations - must have prior to commencement of any treatment.

Single consultation £90 1-2 hours

Joint/Couple Consultation £145 2-4 hours

Follow Up Reproflexology Treatments £45 1 hour

Pregnancy and Postnatal Treatments

Foot Reflexology

£45 1 hour

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Full Body £45 45 mins

Targeted or mini massage £30 30 mins

Reflexology Techniques taught to birth companion to help their partner in labour


Menopause Reflexology

£45 1 hour

Auricular Reflexology

Coming Soon May 2024.

Holistic Treatments

Reflexology £45 1 hour


Full Body £45 45 mins

Targeted Specific £30 30 mins

Kids Reflex Course for Parents/Carers - Contact me for details

1 Hour Treatment Appointments or 45 minute Pregnancy Massage Appointments.

4 treatments: £160

Course of 4 treatments for the ultimate reflexology experience.

Vitamin Therapy

Prices are per single IM injection - Requires a full consultation prior to any treatment being commenced. Consultation price as above.

B12 - £30

Course of 4 weekly treatments - £110.

Maintenance boosters every 4-6 weeks.

B- Complex (all 8 B Vitamins) - £60 every 3-4 weeks

Biotin - £40

Course of 8 weekly injections £290 and then monthly maintenance.

Vitamin C - £40. Every 4-6 weeks

Vitamin D - £50-£80 (D3-D2)

D2 - once every 3-6 months

D3 - Course of 6 weekly treatments £260. Maintenance once every 6 weeks

Kenalog - £50. If weigh over 9st 6lbs - may need a 2nd booster after 4 weeks of 1st treatment.

Glutathione - £50

Course of twice weekly treatments for 4 weeks - £350 and then maintenance once a month.

Bespoke Treatments/Packages

Treatments Tailor made for you. Can be a mixture of any of the treatments I offer in one treatment or regular treatment plans for a monthly fee which will vary depending on your own individual needs can also be set up. A full initial consultation would need to be carried out prior to any treatment plan being discussed or commenced.

Contact me for more details.

Non Surgical Liposuction and Fat Dissolving Treatments

No downtime or surgical recovery. I offer fat dissolving injections, cavitation and radio frequency treatments for the ultimate non surgical liposuction treatment.

Prices vary depending on individual needs. Please contact me for details and to discuss.

Fat dissolving injections offered are lipolab or lemon bottle.


LipoLab £60 per 10 mls vial

Lemon bottle £100 per 10 mls vial

Cavitation and radio frequency treatments


1 small area - £30

2 small areas or one large area - £55

Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the therapies I offer, or to ask about booking Reflexology sessions. Alternatively, you can call me or leave a message on 07777 644955.

My location

I work from a private office located in Raunds, Northamptonshire, and see clients up to 15 miles radius of my office.

Park Avenue, Raunds, Northamptonshire NN9 6NA